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'First time' quality

Ashfield Specialised Manufacturing are experts in the design, manufacture and production of a range of components and fasteners, all produced to the highest international standards.


We are able to process everything from one-off orders to repeat runs of any size.

Our products include:

 Bolts - we regularly manufacture bolts of various head types to international standards or your own drawings

 Washers - We produce machined and pressed washers to international standards or your own specs

 Socket products - We manufacture a range of socket products using our unique process which eliminates internal flash, ensuring correct engagement

 Studs - our range includes threaded studbolts, single and double-ended studs and waisted or collared studs

 Nuts - We produce all types of nuts, including hexagon fullnuts, self-locking nuts and nylon insert locknuts, to recognised standards or your own specs

For precision-made bolts and washers, call us now on 01902 865 640

All of our products are available in a wide range of materials.

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